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The History of Welsh Dressers

Welsh dressers have been around a long time and have a rich historical background. The piece has often been used for display and function at the same time so the construction of the piece is always to have shelving at the top and be tall and dramatic. The shelving allows for display and storage without having to open and close doors. This one feature has made the construction process very popular. It is so convenient to be able to reach the items from the shelves with ease.

Typically the welsh dresser was constructed in oak but as time as passed many woods are used to make the piece. It is interesting to note that the welsh dresser can look dramatically different depending on what is made from. For example, a dark stain on oak can look very rich and commanding. The same piece painted a creamy white can look very casual and take on a country French appearance. Many painted finishes are also used to create a mood for country dining such as red, black and even blue and green. The options are only limited by the imagination.

A welsh dresser can have drawers for storing a few items out of sight and they are usually placed at counter height. The drawers are convenient to access and add a little visual weight to the piece to make it feel anchored in the space it occupies. The lower portion often has a long shelf along the bottom that is marvelous for larger items. Again, the shelf is very functional as well as allowing larger items to be displayed.

The combination of the open shelves at the top, drawers for storage and open shelf at the bottom tend to define the welsh dresser for most people. However, has time has passed the simple functional piece has been stylized to include decorative trim, rich hardware on drawers and great variety in finishes and wood. There are even corner welsh dressers available to wrap around two walls of a room.

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