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Where 'Shaker Style' furniture comes from

The Shakers first established themselves in England in the 18th century, the year 1747 to be exact. Shaker style furniture was made to comply with the virtues the Shaker's believed to be important; their furniture was made for God. Equality, faith, and confession are three notions the Shakers hold to be an instrinsic part of their life and religion. Order and cleanliness are also viewed as important characteristics by the Shakers. These qualities are kept in mind when Shaker furniture is built. Carpenters and designers have done their best to make furniture that reflects ideas coveted by the Shakers.

Shaker style kitchen cabinets, for example, are simple yet effective. Normally always made from wood, the Shaker kitchen cabinet that includes a cabinet top can be crafted in a way that allows the bottom of the cabinet doors to lay flush against the bottom of the cabinet frame. In other words, the cabinet door hides or overlaps the bottom of the cabinet itself. In todays world, the Amish make Shaker furniture as well as more mainstream companies.

Shaker kitchen tables are made for eating at home. They are practical and simple. Some people may say that a Shaker kitchen table gives a "country" type feel. Kitchen or dining tables can be made to order. If a household has the need for a table that will compensate guests or expands depending on meal size, a customized table can be made with fold down leafs, otherwise known as dropleaf tables. Like kitchen cabinets, the Shaker kitchen tables are made from wood, not brass with glass tops.

Shaker side chairs, spindle chairs, Shaker chairs in general are the most collected piece of Shaker furniture. This is because the Shaker chair is said to be the best representation of their faith in furniture. The chair backs tend to lean backward slightly to be more comfortable to the sitter. Shaker side chairs include tilting feet. Included at the "feet" on the back legs is a ball joint. This ball joint allows the sitter to rock back or lean back on the back legs without falling due to the steadiness of the tilting feet.

If you're looking to style your kitchen in a traditional style why not have a look at the BBC guide to recreating particular styles.

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